Quick keys

Quick keys management (click for zoom)

From the quick keys section we can set up the appearance of the POS on everything that has to do with the sales shortcuts. The hierarchy on the quick keys goes as follows:
a. Keys Group is the entity which is matched with a cashier and consists of keys categories (tabs or pages)

Quick key layout (click for zoom)

b. Keys Categories are the available pages on the sales screen and contain keys. They have a name and are sorted by the user. Later on they can be assigned products for quick sales.

Quick key categories (click for zoom)

c. Sales Keys are the entities that can be found inside the keys categories and can have many different behaviors. A sales key can add to the cart a product or a customer to the sale. There are numerous possibilities for the user when using a sales key as they can fulfill multiple scenarios (for example 1 piece from product X plus 3 pieces from product Y accounted on customer Z). The user can define the name, the color and the appearance of a sales key.