Welcome to Simply, the complete Cloud system which allows you to run and organize from 1 to 101 shops.
We are sure that your choice to organize your shop using Simply, will be one of the most pleasant and productive experiences of your daily working routine.
Simply helps you work easily, quickly and always in the right way by automating time wasting procedures like the inventory control, the shifts and the income of each shift, orders and checking supplier cards while in the same time offers you total precision for your profitability and sales plus ideas for sectors of your shop that need improving.
It is no surprise that the biggest retail companies use computerized systems to check and improve their procedures so that they make decisions based on certain and real facts concerning their shops.
By using Simply you will get responses to questions like: which products and product categories get the most profit? Which products/categories are the most sold ones? Which employees have the best performances and which ones need help? And many more that when you are able to sort out, you will be able to make a plan for smoother and more profitable operation.