What do I need to start

In order for you to start running your shop using Simply you will need a computer or tablet (of any given kind), a connection to the internet, a barcode scanner for scanning all your products and in case that you want automated receipt printing a compatible cash register.
Simply works through your web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari). You can use it through any personal computer or tablet with any operating system since you get access to the system by entering your credentials (username and password) on the web page to your browser just like you do with all the well known web services (e-mail, social media etc.)
In other words you don’t have to buy specific equipment and you don’t need any kind of installation for you to start organizing your shop with Simply. You just log in and all your data is there: your products, your inventory, your finances, your orders, your invoices and many more.
Just like this you get access to your business data no matter where you are from a pc, tablet or even your mobile phone. This provides you with the flexibility to monitor in real time everything that concerns you and gives you valuable answers to questions like:
a) How much money are there in the cash desk right now?
b) How much money did we make yesterday or last week?
c) From which supplier do I buy this product and how much it costs?
d) What is my inventory for any given product?
e) Which supplier offers a certain product at the best price?
f) How much money do I owe to a certain supplier
And all these from any place 24/7.